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Greenmarkets Progress Continues

UPDATE: Mayor Bloomberg, Councilmember Dan Garodnick and other Local Elected Officials will participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 25th at 10:30am at 92nd & First Ave. Please join us as we celebrate the arrival of local food greenmarkets in our neighborhood. The UES greenmarkets will actually open on the Weekend of July 8th and 9th — however, there will be farmers selling local food until 5 PM at this special celebration.

The CB8 Land Use Committee affirmed the Street Fairs Committee’s approval of the expansion of the Greenmarket at St. Stephen’s (82nd St. between 1st and York) and the establishment of a Greenmarket on 1st Ave between 92nd and 93rd on June 14th.

The interesting news, from City Council Member Dan Garodnick, who spoke in support of the 1st Ave/92nd St Greenmarket at the start of the meeting, is that Eli Zabar now supports the Greenmarket. We won’t ask what changed his mind, but applaud his support of this vital neighborhood improvement.


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