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Mayor Celebrates 92nd St Greenmarket

On this drizzly but beautiful morning, Mayor Bloomberg and Council Member Dan Garodnick visited the Holmes Towers Isaacs Center at 92nd St. and 1st Ave. to celebrate the opening of the new weekly Greenmarket, which will officially open Sunday, July 9th, bringing fresh, local food to the neighborhood every Sunday through November.

“Kermit the Frog said it’s not easy being green,” said the Mayor, “but he was wrong. It is easy being green.” The Mayor touted the fresh food the Greenmarket would bring to the neighborhood, and spoke of it helping with the city’s obesity problem. He also noted that people socialize more at farmer’s markets than at grocery stores, and that it would bring life to the community.

Council Member Garodnick spoke of the economic benefits the Greenmarket would bring to the area, and added that, in addition to health and revitalization, he hoped it would help knit the neighborhood into the larger whole of the Upper East Side.

Afterwords, people went out to enjoy a preview of the market. When it officially opens on July 9th, it will feature five farmers selling a variety of goods. Today, one farmer was there selling fresh apples, just-picked strawberries, sweet snap peas, apple cider and cider donuts, and a small selection of vegetables:

92nd Greenmarket Opening

Upper Green Side is proud to have helped bring this Greenmarket to be, and thanks CENYC, Council Member Dan Garodnick, the people of Holmes/Isaacs, and the surrounding community for helping make this a reality. And I just have to say that the strawberries were utterly fantastic!


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