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What Real Bike Lanes Look Like

In the constant debate over cycling safety and illegal cycling people often seem to overlook a central fact – NYC residents and the government officials in charge of transportation don’t know what real bike lanes should look like. Streetsblog has some nice photos of what REAL bike lanes look like.

Here on the Upper East Side we have a solidary bike lane that starts (out of nowhere) at 72nd Street and First Avenue and goes up past 96th Street all the way to 125th Street. There are no south-bound bike lanes, no crosstown bike lanes and a pitiful excuse for an East River greenway that is interupted at various points by a large staircase, Carl Schurz Park promenade and completely non-existent from 62nd 36th Streets. But even that solitary bike lane on First Avenue is pretty lame – a thin white stripe that is often violated by cars & trucks.

First Ave Bike Lane

But in many other cities around the world, bike lanes are physically separated from the roadway servicing automobiles.

Buffered Bike Lane

These bike lanes can be used by anyone – even the elderly and children. To avoid horrible tragedies like the recent death of Derek Lake the City Department of Transportation local Community Boards and local elected officials need to come together to build an agenda of mutual benefit for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Transportation Alternatives is having a Press Conference on the Steps of City Hall Thursday Morning, June 29th, at 9am to address this issue and then a memorial ride at 6:30pm later that day at 42nd Street & the Hudson River Greenway.


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