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100 Green To Do’s

Yesterday, the NYC Green Codes Task Force submitted over 100 recommendations to Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Quinn on how to green the City’s building codes, focusing on ways to reap energy savings from construction and renovation work.

In New York City, buildings have long been the number one contributor to green house gas emissions, estimated to represent about 75% of all emissions. If NYC is going to get serious about reducing its impact on the environment, the focus must start with what we have an abundance of in this City: our ubiquitous buildings.

One of the more timely recommendations would impose higher efficiency standards for heating systems and ban inefficient boilers in the city’s largest buildings. The recommendation comes not long after the release of the new Community Air Study (PDF) that clearly shows  how polluted NYC’s air really is.

Another simple proposal: increase stair access in buildings so that more people will choose the stairs over the elevator. Improvements such as more visible signange and transparant glass to draw people to stairwells could help influence people’s vertical decisions. In fact, taking the stairs could become NYC’s new weight-loss program: research shows that taking the stairs on a regular basis could prevent 18% of the City’s average annual weight gain or a total of 550,000 pounds per year.


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