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Cap & Trade on the Rocks In Senate

Upper Green Side doesn’t wade into national politics too much, preferring to focus on local issues that we can make a difference on. But Global Warming is an issue that transcends local, state and national boundaries.

There are many ideas on how to control carbon emission. The one that had gained the most consensus at the national level was called Cap & Trade: Place an overall ceiling on the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases emitted while allowing large emitters to buy & sell emission permits. This would create a market for lowering emissions and financially reward those companies that could reduce emissions faster and most cost effectively.

Today, President Obama, who ran on a platform that included a Cap & Trade proposal, which passed the US House of Representatives told a crowd in New Hampshire that there might not be enough votes in the Senate:

The most controversial aspects of the energy debate that we’ve been having: The House passed an energy bill, and people complained about, well, there’s this cap and trade thing, and you just mentioned, you know, let’s do the fun stuff before we do the hard stuff

Incentivizing clean energy is great and we hope the Senate does pass that, but without a mechanism in place to put a ceiling on overall emissions, there’s no real way to guarantee that overall emissions would reduce in the short or long term.

We encourage folks to start making more noise about this and start reaching out to their representatives about the importance of putting a real ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions


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