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New Park for the East River Waterfront

a new park awaits

Old news is still good news.

While I was out of town last week Community Board 8 voted to overwhelmingly approve the final designs for a new park to be located on the East River waterfront. The new Andrew Haswell Green Park will occupy a now vacant stretch of industrial land along the East River from 60th to 63rd Streets in the shadow of the Queensboro Bridge. The park will provide a great anchor for people to gather, to see and be seen, and take in views on this breathe taking stretch along the river. Hopefully (one day soon), the park will connect the neighborhood’s waterfront to a completed full-length East River Greenway allowing people to bike, run, or walk from river to river.

And who is this Andrew Haswell Green you may ask? Well think of him as a quasi-Robert Moses, but without that whole car thing. Green was an obscure 19th-century city planner who helped consolidate New York City by annexing Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Other notable accomplishments include supporting the design for Central Park, forming the Metropolitan Museum of Art with private funds, and being selected comptroller after the Boss Tweed scandal. And the only memorial to the guy right now is a bench in Central Park. I think a park named in his honor is long overdue, wouldn’t ya say?

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