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Origins will recycle your empty cosmetic containers

It’s difficult to know what you can recycle in New York (did you know you can’t recycle plastic items that aren’t bottle- or jug-shaped?), but Origins has just made it easier to responsibly dispose of your empty cosmetic containers, regardless of manufacturer.

Thanks to the Origins Recycling Program, you can bring your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars, etc. – regardless of brand – to your nearest Origins retail store or department store counter nationwide, and they’ll take them for recycling and energy recovery.

They are accepting all empty “primary” packaging, according to their FAQ, meaning, packaging that protects the actual product (glass and plastic jars, bottles, tubes, caps, lipstick covers). In New York, there are six Origins stores or dept. store counters, including one on the Upper West Side, one at Grand Central, and Macy’s at 34th St.

Upper Green Side applauds Origins for this program, and any other efforts by manufacturers to reclaim consumer packaging, including Aveda’s “Recycle Caps” program and M·A·C’s Back to M·A·C Program, which are both limited but still positive efforts.


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