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Think Outside the (Traffic) Box

we can do better

Do you regularly compete in NYC’s favorite spectator sport; people watching? Are you one to enjoy a nice park bench every now and again?  Well Upper Green Side needs YOU to help us find locations on the Upper East Side for new pedestrian plazas!

NYC DOT is set to begin another round of its NYC Plaza Program and has identified the Upper East Side has having some of the least amount of open space in the entire City.

From the DOT:

NYC DOT will work with selected not-for-profit organizations to create neighborhood plazas throughout the City. We will do this by transforming underused streets into vibrant, social public spaces. This Program is a key part of the City’s effort to ensure that all New Yorkers live within a 10-minute walk of quality open space.

Help us bring more open space to our neighborhood by submitting locations where you want to see a new public plaza. Be creative and think outside of the (traffic) box. Please send your ideas to by 5/1/2010 so that the best ideas can be submitted to the DOT in our application.


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