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Roving Farm Truck Brings You Vermont Produce

The Farm Truck from Holton Farms on one of its 22 stops in Manhattan

The Holton Farm Truck on one of its 22 stops in Manhattan (image: NYTimes, courtesy Holton Farms)

New to New Yorkers continuing recent love affair with food trucks is Holton Farms’ innovative CSA Select farm truck; bringing farm fresh produce straight from their Vermont farm to the big city for pickup via the power of the internet.

While their farm is not as local as the upstate farms at GrowNYC’s Greenmarkets or those servicing most traditional CSAs (community supported agriculture) in the city per se, Holton’s service is more flexible than a traditional CSA, offering custom ordering instead of receiving a pre-chosen share. In addition, the truck enables Holton to offer many locations and times for pickup, including two on the Upper East Side, five on the Upper West and one in Harlem.

A unique hybrid of the CSA, Greenmarket, Fresh Direct and food cart/truck concept, one wonders why other farms haven’t tried something like this before. It may simply be more convenient and cheaper to work within existing systems like GrowNYC’s Greenmarkets and Just Food‘s CSA facilitation — both excellent options for fresh, locally grown food. In fact, one need not track down Holton Farms truck in order to pick up fresh food; they are also working to participate in the Greenmarkets and to establish a retail presence at La Marqueta in East Harlem.

Is it just a matter of time before more CSAs/farms offer more share choice and delivery? Many CSA’s already offer flexible monthly ordering of specialty items such as meats and grains and the Internet increasingly makes all these things easier. However the trend develops, with more ways for people to get fresh, locally farmed food, everybody wins.


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