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Shop 2nd Ave!

“Yeah, maybe my grandkids will ride it one day.”

Remember those signs in the subway saying the subway would be done in 2015? Hilarious. Now we’re looking at 2018 (maybe…)

Until the project is finally done, Upper East Siders will continue to deal with ongoing construction, dynamite deliveries, runaway Tunnel Boring Machines and the like. In addition many businesses on the avenue have gone out and the ones that remain continue to struggle.

The Second Avenue Business Association, in conjuction with CIVITAS, has launched a new blog to help stifle up some commerce on the much maligned right of way.

We’d like to extend a big bloggy welcome to the new The Second Avenue Shopper!

The site was created to:

- Inform the public of events of interest taking place along 2nd Avenue
- Update daily specials from local 2nd Avenue merchants
- Attract foot traffic to 2nd Avenue stores
- Enhance the Shop 2nd Avenue brand

Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!


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