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Recycle Your Brita Pitcher Filters

Brita Pitcher Filter Recycling

Did you know that here in NYC you can take your Brita pitcher filters to Whole Foods markets (or the Park Slope Food Coop), just like those #5 plastics the city doesn’t recycle? It’s part of the Preserve Gimme 5 recycling program, who teamed up with Brita to help keep pitcher filters from ending up in landfills.

Preserve Gimme 5 BinSo while you already avoid drinking bottled water, and recycle those plastic water bottles when you do, now you can take care of your water filters if you have a Brita Pitcher.

Just let used Brita pitcher filters sit and dry out for a few days, and then drop them in your #5 plastics recycling bin (along with those other items like yogurt and take-out containers). Then, either bring your haul to one of the Whole Foods markets in the city, or mail it to the Preserve Gimme 5 people.

The program is only for pitcher filters; faucet-mounted filters are not accepted. Nor are PUR or other filter brands. An unrelated added bonus, Gimme 5 also accepts empty Tom’s of Maine deodorant packaging, so save those up too.


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