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Weekly Eco-Tip (September 11/12, 2010)

Going Green At School

The Upper Green Side Weekly Eco-Tip for September 11/12, 2010
(Available at the 92nd and 82nd St Greenmarkets, and archived online.)

Green Your Back-to-School Supplies!

Now is a great time to start your child’s school year off the green way! Many of these supplies are found everywhere, meaning it’s easier than ever to go green.

Paper – Avoid notebooks with plastic covers & look for paper made with high levels of post consumer waste. Many companies make notebooks with 100% PCW!

Crayons – Look for non-toxic ones made from soy bean oil or beeswax, rather than paraffin. A quick look on the internet revealed at least 5 companies that manufacture these types of crayons.

Pencils – Choose ones made from sustainably-harvested wood or recycled materials & have minimal packaging. Drug stores carry recycled pencils in recycled cardboard packaging.

Rulers – Pick a ruler made from post consumer recycled plastic or sturdy metal that can last a lifetime. Plastic rulers also don’t have the metal edging that can hurt kids’ hands.

Scissors – Post consumer plastic handles are the best way to go – made for both lefties and righties.

Glue – If possible, choose a refillable glue bottle rather than a glue stick that often gets dried out and tossed into the landfill.

Litter-Free Lunches – Get the kids a sleek lunch carrier and thermos! Avoid using paper bags or disposable juice drinks when possible. More and more companies now are making reusable insulated lunch bags just for kids!


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