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Can You See Me Now?

Upper Green Side is happy to partner with NYC DOT to promote safer cycling as the warm summer suns fades into the early cool nights of fall.

With cycling in New York City at an all-time recorded high, DOT calls on all cyclists to bike safely and responsibly and use legally-required white headlights and red taillights
when riding at night. Being seen is a major component of cyclist safety. While the overwhelming majority of cyclists ride during daylight hours, 45% of cyclist fatalities
occur at night.

This year, DOT is launching the “Can You See Me…Now?” campaign to remind cyclists to use bike lights at night and low-light conditions. DOT is partnering with bike shops
and cycling organizations, including Bike New York, Transportation Alternatives, 5 Boro Bike Club, NYC Cycle Club, Weekday Cyclists, Upper Green Side and Team in Training, to spread the word that bike lights are a bright idea and required by law.

Cyclists are required by NY State law to use white front lights and red tail lights when riding at night or before dawn. Pick them up at your local bike shop today!

Want more information on riding right in New York City? Check out Bike Smart – DOT’s new guide to urban cycling. The pocket-sized guide contains a handy list of traffic laws pertaining to cyclists, as well as info on safe left turns, how to use the new protected lanes, bike boxes and more. Download a copy today. DOT is also distributing the guides at community meetings and bike events throughout the city.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on DOT’s annual bike light giveaway, which takes place near Daylights Savings Time. Check for additional


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