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It’s My Park Day on the East River Greenway!

Help take care of your park! Join Upper Green Side as we help take care of the East River Greenway on It’s My Park Day presented by Partnerships for Parks.

We’ll be doing some general clean up of the park, as well as painting the railing and maybe some benches. We’ll also be testing the soil quality and doing an inventory of what spaces we can start planting in the spring. Meet up on the Greenway at the East 63rd St pedestrian entrance. Since we love the Greenway so much we’ll be getting up extra early (with some healthy snacks in tow for you) but you don’t have to show up for the whole day – we’re  happy to have you for as long as you can be there!

It’s My Park Day with Upper Green Side on the East River Greenway!

- October 23, 2010 from 10 AM to 4 PM
- On the East River Greenway – meet at the 63rd Street Entrance off of York Avenue

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Hope to see you there!

Visit for  more information on It’s My Park Day.


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