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It’s My Park Day! East River Esplanade Day!

It’s My Park Day

Saturday, May 21st, 10am – 2 pm

Reception tables at 80th, 86th, 96th and 125th Streets on the Esplanade, 10 am – 2 pm

Walks, runs, a guided tour and rowing on the river… Minnow traps, a raffle, a tour, refreshments and a new estuary guide… Volunteer opportunities galore (we’ll be scraping and painting railings and sprucing up plantings)… Now even a fitness workshop’s been added to the mix! And it’s your chance to share how you’d like this great UES resource to be even betterr… And do be camera ready because we will be filming!

To register your group or yourself, call 212-427-3956 or

(Brownies, Girl Scouts, 2 Senior groups and the 93rd Street Block and Neighbood Association have already signed up! )

Organized by The Esplanade: 60-125, the East River Crew, Carl Schurz Park Conservancy and Upper Green Side.


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