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Our work focuses on the following initiatives:

Complete Streets

We advocate for complete, safe and livable streets. More bike lanes, better mass transit and enhanced safety features for pedestrians are all part of the mix.

Projects include: East Greenway Initative, Tree Bed Planting

Urban Agriculture and Local Food

We advocate for better access to local food in our communities, from the Greenmarket to your rooftop.

Projects include: Greenmarkets & CSAs

Resources for you: New York Beer & Wine, Green Restaurants

Zero Waste

We advocate for improved and expanded recycling and composting programs city-wide.

Projects include: Electronics Recycling

Resources for you: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Energy Efficiency and Clean Air

We work to provide models for improved energy efficiency while advocating for expanded access to renewable energy options in our neighborhoods.

Community and Sustainable Development

We build social infrastructure and community to sustain greener development and healthier lives.

Projects include: Upper East Side Eco-Map

Resources for you: Tips for Greener Living, Green Your Business

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