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Upper East Side Eco-Map


Last Sunday we officially launched our Upper Green Side Eco-Map at the 92nd Street Greenmarket. The Eco-Map will be an important resource for local residents looking to find environmentally friendly resources in their own neighborhood – whether it be local/organic food, bike shops, car-share locations, or places to recycle clothing, batteries and other items. We hope this starts a conversation in the neighborhood about what our community can do to be greener.

The printing of the Eco-Maps could not have been possible without the support of Councilmember Dan Garodnick who provided a grant that enabled us to print the map. Councilmember Garodnick, together with Upper Green Side’s Glenn McAnanama, awarded the first Eco-Map to Civitas‘ Gorman Reilly, in recognition for his unyielding service of fostering a sense of place and community on the Upper East Side.


The maps were beautifully designed by HOPR (thanks again guys!) and printed by Rolling Press, an eco-friendly printing company, using recycled paper and sustainable inks.

Look for the maps throughout the Upper East Side as we continue to distribute them over the next couple of months!

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