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New York Beer & Wine

Eating local is great — for the environment and for the regional economy. But have you thought about brewers and vintners as well? New York City, and New York State, have some great beers and wines for you to try.

Local Wine

There are a plethora or New York wineries, from Lake Erie to Long Island, and there’s a great website devoted to them, called Uncork New York, with information on the different regions, wineries, retailers and restaurants.

One popular nearby region is Long Island — in little over a quarter century the Long Island wine industry has grown from one small vineyard to 3,000 acres of vines and over thirty wineries. The Long Island Wine Country website has more information on the region, its vinyards and wineries. Some of the individual wineries’ websites, such as Paumanok, Peconic Bay and Sherwood House will tell you places you can buy their wines. You might see others such as , Shinn Estate or Pindar more readily available.

Local Beer

OK, the beer might not be made from regionally-grown barley or hops, but the brewing process uses regional water, and supporting local breweries is good for our economy. And hey, some, like Brooklyn Brewery, are wind powered.

Following is a list of better-known New York breweries. (There’s also a list of New York breweries at BeerAdvocate, and a NYC-specific beer guide.)

If you’re wondering where you can find these beers in NYC (some, like Sixpoint, are only ever found on tap), Beer Menus is helpful, aside from the few specialty stores around the city.

As for pubs, bars & taverns in the Upper East and West Sides, there are a few where you may enjoy local beers:

Please check out New York wines and beers, and share your finds with us!

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