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Green Restaurants

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city, many folks just simply don’t have the time obtain local/organic ingredients at a Greenmarket or CSA and prepare their own meals.

You can still eat green by patronizing restaurants that follow environmentally responsible practices and choosing local/organic menu items when available. At the bottom of this page is a map of green restaurants in the Upper East Side. But first, an explanation of the different types of restaurants on the map:

Certified Green Restaurants™

The Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is a non-profit group that helps restaurants become more environmentally sustainable. A Certified Green Restaurant™ with the GRA has made a commitment to the environment. They must make four improvements each year, and the completed steps are listed on the GRA’s website. Check their list of Certified Green Restaurants™ in New York. You can alert restaurants to the GRA, or thank already-certified restaurants, by leaving suggestion cards and thank you cards where you dine.

Restaurants Doing Their Own Green Thing

There are other restaurants in the area pursuing environmentally responsible dining who are not Certified Green™ by the Green Restaurant Association. For some, like Candle 79, a more upscale establishment run by the owners of the GRA-certified Candle Cafe, we know they’re doing a ton of good stuff.

Restaurants Using Local Ingredients

Others are simply noted as buying local food from farmers who sell at the city’s Greenmarkets. Be sure to look for details on the menu, or ask them what dishes use local food.

Upper East Side “Green” Restaurant Map

Here’s the interactive map of environmentally friendly restaurants in the Upper East Side. Details on the restaurants are below the map. Clicking on a marker will take you to the full version of the map at, with the selected restaurant’s info displayed.

(If you know of any other places that feature local food, please let us know and we’ll list them here! And if you’re a restauranteur or grocer, check out what you can do to green your business.)

CommunityWalk Map – UES Green Restaurants

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